Who We Are


Our Mission:

The Christian growth of our youth, The spiritual growth of our families, The religious growth of our community, The physical growth of our facilities, The missional growth of our church.


                   We are the people of God sharing the love of God

devoted to 3 things:

                    Loving God, Growing in God, and Serving God

Our Church Staff:

We are “playing coaches”– a team of ‘sheepdogs’ nudging each other, this church and a community we love closer to our Shepherd, Jesus Christ. 


Rev. Dr. Phyllis Provost-Saas, Pastor

Pastor Phyllis has a passion for God and for doing whatever it takes to help people have a personal relationship with the God who loves them and to help them to continually experience God’s Word in fresh, new and personal ways, relevant in their day-to-day lives. Her doctoral degree is in Pastoral Counseling and she stands ready to encourage and coach others as they seek to find the inner strength they need, and a faith that will keep them going!


Rev. Donna Wise,  Minister of Visitation 

Donna is a retired ordained elder in the United Methodist Church and coordinates our care ministries.  She is kind, caring, fun and just plain awesome!


Kris Meckenstock, Youth Director

Kris is amazing and so is the awesome program he’s developed with our Youth Council!  He has a year’s program already lined out that makes sure our 6th-12th grade students have lots of opportunities and meaningful ways to connect with God and each other, to grow spiritually and in the image of Christ, to be God’s hands together, and have a great time through it all! He makes sure that all youth know they are accepted and welcome and a valued part of this community of faith!  Although Kris’ full-time job outside the church is now requiring him to travel more, he stands ready to mentor, be a lay volunteer, and go above and beyond to help a new Youth Director take the lead. As always, Kris’ response to a need is Christ-centered and above and beyond!


Kent Stuckey,  Music Director

Kent is not only an outstanding musician, himself, he also leads and coordinates our church’s music program, including the chancel choir, handbell choir, beginning children’s chimes, an instrumental group–Jammerz!– and a ROCKIN’ praise team!

Craig Stranathan,  Media Coordinator

Craig is our go-to tech wizard! He’s the one who makes the magic happen through video, lights and sound! The media team at our church is in the process of growing and adding new components.  If you want to help with video, technology, lights, and sound on Sundays and other special services, let Craig know!


Sandy Nahrendorf,  Office Manager

Sandy is in the office Mon.-Thurs. from 9 am-Noon, and also from 1-4 pm Mon. & Wed. She serves as receptionist, administrative assistant for the staff, coordinates office volunteers and edits the monthly Messenger.  Need to schedule a room?  Give Sandy a call.


Tracy Winter,  Church Treasurer

Tracy covers the office for Sandy on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as well as managing the finances for the church. You can often find our “Unofficial Mama’s Helper Treasurer” in the office with her, helping her get the job done–and brightening up the lives of everyone who comes to the office!


Marilyn Lemmons,  Nursery Coordinator

Marilyn coordinates our caregiving to make sure all our precious treasures of God receive personal attention, love and care.


Sally and Gail Klinginsmith, Custodial  Staff Coordinators

Sally and Gail’s team work with our Trustees and other volunteers to maintain and care for our beautiful grounds and facilities.