May 2016

3 + me

“Church On Fire: Not the Time To Stop Drop and Roll

“Church on Fire: Not the time to Stop, Drop and Roll”

Does God Have A Plan For My Life?

April 2016

Crosby Lane Message in Story and Song

Message in Story and Song by Crosby Lane

Why Are My Prayers Left Unanswered?

March 2016

“The Jesus Who Wants YOU Fully Alive”

January 2016

“2nd Chances Offered Here”

December 2015

It’s A Wonderful Life: The Gift of the Magi

Neither would be able to use their gifts—and yet both received gifts that are priceless and let them know, beyond any doubt, that they were the most important thing in the other one’s life. What would that feel like—to have that much of that kind of love in you to be able to give that […]