TEXT ME (Youth Dude) IF YOU WANT TO PLAY 316-648-3870
We’re playing this game until the lock-in on Friday, Dec 11th – about two weeks!
All players must have access to a texting capable cell phone. The phone is used to text the Game Maker (Youth Dude) in the event of a “Win”. This way the Game Maker can then fire the cannon (Mass text) to signal a “Win”. Each “Win” reduces your potential opponents. The Game Maker also uses phones to send tips and messages to TNMT players.
1. You are a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Your enemy, Shredder is everyone else. Basically, you will be playing two roles at the same time.

2. You will be assigned one specific target at a time.


3. You may only “Get” the person who is currently your target. If you succeed, you then inherit their current target. I’ll text you, if their last words weren’t who their target was…


4. If you “Get” someone, you must let me know within 24 hours, or else that person will be back in the game, this time YOU will be their current target.


5. If someone “Gets” you, (Don’t say, “You didn’t get me!” play fair.) you should let me know right away. If that person fails to let me know within 24 hours (see rule #4) that they got you out, then you’ll be back in!

6. All attacks will be one shot only; no pursuits.
7. Approved methods/weapons include karate chop to the back, water gun and NERF darts, NERF balls, NERF arrows or NERF swords.
8. Restrictions:
• Absolutely no attacks while anyone is driving.
• No attacks between 10pm – 6am.
• Church property and church activities are safe zones (Including church sponsored events, i.e. Angel Tree).
• School Grounds are surprise karate chop to the back only and only during non-classroom time.
• No attacking your target at their work.


9. We are not trying to get anyone in trouble with their teachers, boss or their parents, so be respectful.


10. If you successfully block, dodge or otherwise escape an attack, you may not retaliate if your opponent is also your target. You have a grace period of 10 minutes to get away.


11. You may form a temporary alliance, but remember that there is only one champion.


12. The game ends when only one person is left, or when I end it.
May the Turtles be ever in your favor!