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LeGaFo Late Night!
Lesson, Games, and Food
Authority & Rebellion
6:00 Free Time
Pizza in da Gym & Youth Center

6:30 Trail Clean Up

Mini Mission

Start the Power Point as soon as the youth get back (There’s a 3 minute countdown).
7:30 The Rules

In the Youth Center
• Your cell phone is only good as a paper weight for this lock-in. If you can’t limit its usage turn in. You don’t have any other friends beside the ones here tonight and your parents are glad to get rid of you. They aren’t calling. Oh yea, don’t use your phone for a light.
• No swearing/profanity – Believe it or not this category includes inappropriate sexual discussions.
• No “extra curricular” activities permitted. For example, no sucking face with anyone.
• No roughhousing. Yes, this includes keeping someone else’s property from them by force, sneaky-ness or running away from them.
• Do not leave the Church. If the area you are in is not climate controlled you are outside the church.
• No cheating. If you are looking for a way around a rule, you are probably about to cheat and had best not attempt any deviations until you reach saint hood.
• Snacks and drinks are allowed in the Youth Center only. This one’s sooo simple, no further explanation needed.
• Do not open locked doors. If you have to do anything to a door that is more than just gently opening it, you are probably attempting to open a locked door.
• Stay out of the rafters, organ loft. If you have to climb to get where you want to go and then you feel yourself having to balance on a beam high above the floor, chances are you are in the rafters.
• Go only where you are asked. No sneaking off to do your own thing. When we are playing a game and you’re just sitting and watching/talking alone with a friend or friends, it better be in the Youth Center.
• Respect the church property. Do not touch the Drums, Piano, any musical instrument, spot light, or electronic equipment in the building. If it looks like it might be fun to play with and you are not in the Youth Center or Gym don’t mess with it.
• Do not start fires, dangle, hang or jump off of anything. Why do I even have to say this… Oh yea! Because someone will do it if I don’t.

Expectations are as follows:
• Participate as you can
• Respect others and Listen
• Clean up after yourself
• The leader may randomly unlock a door from time to time.

7:45 Lesson

Youth Center & Gym Only
Needed: pens for the leaders – Youth lead each other in small groups

Authority & Rebellion
LeGaFo Seek N Solve – Anything written in italics need not be read aloud.

Needed: pen
Say: Every person is prideful to one degree or another. Pride can mean bragging or self-glorification—but you need to understand that pride is also found hidden in our attitudes, like wanting to make fun of others or feeling that no one can tell us what to do. Pride is most destructive when it challenges God. Pride can even be simply ignoring God, even while saying that you believe in Him. The cure to pride is humility—the realization that people aren’t any more special than anyone else and that people are all equal before God. Tonight will help you to define pride, to understand its destructive power in your lives, and to explore its cure.

Share an example of pride (words or phrases) that we can list on the back of this sheet. A few examples might include—
• thinking you’re better than someone else
• rubbing your good grades in someone else’s face
• bragging to your best friend
• ignoring your mom when she says she needs your help

After you have a list, go through them with your group and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very prideful and 10 being not prideful at all).

• When does pride become a bad thing.
• Where is the line between feeling good about yourself and being too proud?
• Why is pride harmful to relationships and friendships?

Nothing but Questions
• What is the biggest reason you have to defy your parent’s authority?
• Why do you think parents should or should not have authority over you?
• What is the advantage of “Family Time”? Good or bad idea?
• How often do you think your parents are being ridiculous? Why?
• Does pride as we’ve discussed previously, get in the way of your relationship with your parents?
• Why is it so hard to obey your parent’s decisions?

Read Proverbs 12:15, The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.

• What do you think this verse means?

Gather the Numbers
Share this part with your group and tally the votes for the next two questions.
Say: Pick the best answer for you to this question from the following list. When you meet people who think they’re better, smarter, or cooler than anyone else, how does it make you feel?
• I wonder how they can feel that way.
• I admire how self-assured they are.
• I feel intimidated
• I want to hang with them.
• I want to throw up.
• I immediately think they must be joking.
• I figure they must be really insecure on the inside.
• I want to do something to make them feel less important.
• I want to be like them.
• I don’t really care.

Which of these actions would you consider to be prideful?
• You’re excited and happy because you won the individual tournament.
• Your friend shows off and brags about himself and all the stuff he gets.
• A classmate acts tough and puts down his friends whenever a girl walks by.
• You continue to ditch school, despite warnings from your principal and parents.
• Your friend puts her straight-A report card on the refrigerator door.
• Your friend talks about her boyfriend all the time.
• You mock anyone who can’t do something as well as you can.
• You help your dad with dinner because you have to.
• Your friend says that God is an invention of those who can’t cope with life.
• Your friends won’t let anyone sit with them who haven’t been invited.

Which actions does your group think are (or are not) prideful? Why or why not? Let them debate/discuss their opinions with each other. Refer them back to this biblical example of what pride is— a haughty spirit, a boastful tongue, and an attitude of disdain.

The Close
Say: Pride puts distance between a person and God. Prideful people set themselves up as their own supreme authority—they become their own god. On the other hand, people who have the humility to obey God are blessed and rewarded by him. And those who have the humility to see others as worthy and valuable end up having more friends than those who are too prideful. Jesus dissolved the barriers of pride by eating with social outcasts, hanging out with so-called sinners, and picking common people for his disciples. Remember, to avoid pride have—a lowly spirit of servanthood, an attitude of humility, and a willingness to do without.

Pray: Father, Please come to our aid as we recognize Your will and turn from pride. We long to follow You. Holy Spirit, fill us with Your wisdom, Your patience and Your courage. Give us the grace and the strength we need to accept Your answer. Jesus, we trust in You. May all that we do serve to glorify and praise Your name. Amen.

8:45 Large Group Games

Youth Center & Gym Only – it’s not dark enough!
Pick a few: Elbow Tag, Shuffle Your Buns, U-turn Stacking Chairs, Wink-um, Do You Love Your Neighbor, Scatterball, Red Hot Poker, Ameba Tag, Name That Tune

9:30 In the Dark Games

You choose
Pick a few: Grog, Slender, U.G.C., Sardines, Clue, Olaf

10:50 Clean Up

11:00 Go Home