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6:00 Free Time
Pizza in da Gym & Youth Center


6:30p Trail Clean Up
Mini Mission

The Rules
in the Youth Center

• Your cell phone is only good as a paper weight for tonight. If you can’t limit its usage turn it in. You don’t have any other friends beside the ones here tonight and your parents are glad to get rid of you. They aren’t calling. Oh yea, don’t use your phone for a light.
• No swearing/profanity – Believe it or not this category includes inappropriate chocolaty discussions.
• No “extra curricular” activities permitted. For example, no sucking face with anyone.
• No roughhousing. Yes, this includes keeping someone else’s property from them by force, sneaky-ness or running away from them.
• Do not leave the Church. If the area you are in is not climate controlled you are outside the church.
• No cheating. If you are looking for a way around a rule, you are probably about to cheat and had best not attempt any deviations until you reach saint hood.
• Snacks and drinks are allowed in the Youth Center only.
• Do not open locked doors. If you have to do anything to a door that is more than just gently opening it, you are probably attempting to open a locked door.
• Stay out of the rafters, organ loft. If you have to climb to get where you want to go and then you feel yourself having to balance on a beam high above the floor, chances are you are in the rafters.
• Go only where you are asked. No sneaking off to do your own thing. When we are playing a game and you’re just sitting and watching/talking alone with a friend or friends, it better be in the Youth Center.
• Respect the church property. Do not touch the Drums, Piano, any musical instrument, spot light, or electronic equipment in the building. If it looks like it might be fun to play with and you are not in the Youth Center or Gym don’t mess with it.
• Do not dangle, hang or jump off of anything. Why do I even have to say this… Oh yeah! Because someone will do it if I don’t.
Expectations are as follows:
• Participate as you can
• Respect others and Listen
• Mark your drinks with a sharpie
• Clean up after yourself
• The leader may randomly unlock a door from time to time.

7:30p Movie

In the Youth Center


A brother and sister from the 1990s are sucked into their television set and suddenly find themselves trapped in a 1950s style television show. Here they have loving parents, old fashioned values, and an overwhelming amount of innocence and naiveté. Not sure how to get home, they integrate themselves into this “backwards” society and slowly bring some color to this black and white world. But as innocence fades, the two teens begin to wonder if their 90s outlook is really to be preferred.

• Continuity: In the final scenes with the ’90’s mother crying in the kitchen her eye make-up goes from messy to less messy and then back to the previous level of messy.

• Continuity: The flag outside the school has 48 stars, the correct number for 1958. The one atop the fire truck has 50 stars. By 1958, it was well known that the 50-star flag would be introduced soon, and 50-star flags were available, but it still seems unlikely that an official vehicle would be flying an unofficial flag (especially since the official flag in 1959 had 48 stars until July 3rd, and 49 stars from July 4th until the end of the year).

• Continuity: When Jennifer and David are fighting over the remote control before the Pleasantville Marathon starts at 6:30, they momentarily go to the Prevue Channel. The time shown on that channel is 1:16, not 6:30.

• Continuity: When a rock is thrown through the window of the soda shop, it goes through the face of the woman in the painting. A moment later, another item is thrown, also breaking the window in a different place, but the woman’s face is intact again.

• Continuity: At the end of the film when David/Bud returns to his own world, his hair changes from when he is in the living room to when he is in the kitchen with his mom.

• Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Various inconsistencies and plot holes (stopped clocks, phantom opposing basketball teams) with the real world are consistent with Pleasantville being a TV world, and hence consistent with the movie.

• Incorrectly regarded as goofs: The people of Pleasantville know the names of colors, just as a colorblind person would; they see them all in black-and-white, and don’t really understand the concept.

• Incorrectly regarded as goofs: When the TV repairman talks to David and Jennifer from the television after they’ve just been transported to Pleasantville, behind him, the test pattern’s position on the screen is slightly different in the close-ups. This was done deliberately “to indicate Knott’s changing attitudes towards Bud and Mary Sue”.

• Continuity: On their way to school on the first day, Jennifer/Mary Sue gets angry and pulls her hair clips out – just before Skip pulls up in his car. After Skip drives away her hair is suddenly clipped back again.
• Factual errors: The closing credits end with “Dedicated to: J.T. Walsh 1943-1997”. However, J.T. Walsh died in 1998.

• Continuity: While Mary Sue is explaining sex to her mother, her hair changes between shots.

• Continuity: The announcer in the beginning states that the Pleasantville marathon was 24 hours long, starting at 6:30 PM. The announcer at the end states that the marathon will end at noon tomorrow.

• Miscellaneous: When Bud pulls up in the fire truck to put out the tree fire, he pulls a charged hose from the back of the truck. Hoses in the back of an engine are not connected to the engine’s pump, and water would not flow until the pump was engaged.

• Continuity: When Bud is about to go to work for the first time, Mary Sue complains to him about having to wear falsies on her date. When she’s talking to her date at the restaurant, the falsies are gone. She’s wearing them again right after her date is over and she walks into the house.

• Continuity: When David looks through the window down at his mother loading her car there is one shutter half down. Seen from outside all shutters are up.

• Continuity: After arriving in Pleasantville, Jennifer looks over at a calendar on a desk. When they are called to breakfast there is a wide shot of the room and the desk does not have the calendar on it.

• Continuity: In the bowling alley sequence, the scene begins with two or three 7-10 splits being picked up. Later in the same scene when the mayor is speaking with the scores behind him there are no 8 pin spares listed, only 9 pin spares.

• Continuity: When Bud goes back to the real world at the end of the movie he fades out of the TV screen, the reflection of the room is visible, but his girlfriend and mother are not.

• Revealing mistakes: At the very end of the movie, George Parker and Betty Parker are sitting on a bench. The camera pans from George to Betty, then back to where George was sitting, and he “turns into” Mr. Johnson. If you look at Betty before the camera goes back to Mr. Johnson, you can see her bounce. This is from Mr. Johnson sitting down in George’s place.

• Continuity: When Mary Sue is with her date at the restaurant and she leaves to go to the ladies room, her hair is styled differently than when she is inside the ladies room.

• Anachronisms: The year is 1958. When Bud and his girlfriend are driving down to lover’s lane, she turns on the radio. The song that comes on is Etta James’ “At Last”. That song wasn’t released until 1961.

• Continuity: When the soda shop is wrecked and it is discovered that the juke box still works one of the boys unplugs it after Buddy Holly’s “Rave On” starts. When Bud says it’s okay and plugs the juke box back in the song starts again, which would not have happened with a circa 1958 juke box. It would have started up where the needle was left by the unplugging.
• Anachronisms: The Dave Brubeck Quartet track, Take 5, (which is played during the diner scene where Bud is asked how he knew about fire) was released in 1959. The next track that is played is Miles Davis’s So What was recorded in 1959 a year after the action is meant to be taking place.

Sex & Nudity
• Woman has a little too much fun in a bathtub (no nudity), it is implied she hits her ‘peak’ when a tree outside bursts into flames.
• Characters lose their virginity.
• An abstract painting shows a woman fully naked.

Violence & Gore
• A mob forms at the diner and a young man throws a rock through Mr. Johnson’s full window painting. Another does the same, and then several men throw a park bench through the window. The mob then breaks into the diner and ransacks the place. Later, the mob also burns many books.
• Fights occur with people punching it out

At least 1 “f” word, 2 “s” words, 5 hells, and 3 damns.

Reese Witherspoon’s character lights a cigarette, inhales and exhales one time and then gives it to her friend who holds, but does not smoke it while Reese’s character chats with a boy.
9:30 Lesson
Youth Center & Gym Only
Create small groups and have youth lead each other
Pleasant Integrity
Don’t read anything in italics
Gather for this lesson: Bible, slips of paper, pens
Say: What does it mean to live with integrity? One definition is living a strictly moral life. A second meaning of the word is wholeness, completeness. In other words, a person with integrity doesn’t lead two lives: one life at church, one life at school or work. Young people with integrity rely on the Holy Spirit no matter where they are. They’ll pray, show kindness, extend forgiveness, speak honestly, and make right choices whether they’re with Christian friends or on the soccer field. Tonight we explore some ideas to help you understand the high calling of integrity in your life.


Key Scriptures
Pass a Bible around and take turns reading the following scriptures:
Proverbs 10:9
Colossians 3:5-14
James 1:22-26
• Do you believe that teenagers basically act with honesty and integrity? Explain.
• How do you define integrity?
• Name a famous person who lacks integrity. Why did you choose him or her?
• Name a famous person who is an example of integrity. Why did you choose him or her?
• What motivates a person to make decisions that demonstrate integrity?
• What can you do when you’re tempted to compromise your integrity?
• What hope do we have when we fail in our quest for integrity?
One-Day Millionaires
Read the following true illustration:
Read: Imagine going to an ATM to get cash for a date and noticing something unusual: an extra $924 million in your checking account. This actually happened to more than eight hundred people in Chicago one Friday in 1996. Apparently First National Bank of Chicago accidentally credited more than $700 billion total to the accounts of some of its customers. It was the greatest banking error in U.S. history. Amazing! Even more amazing is this fact: No one—not one person—ran off with the money.
• If you had been in that situation, would you have been tempted to take the $924 million? Why or why not?
• If people had taken the money, they certainly would have gained wealth. But would they have lost anything—even if they hadn’t been caught? If so, what?
Living with Integrity
Needed: paper, pens
Hand a small piece of paper and a pen to each person.
Say: On your piece of paper, write a situation in which someone has to make a choice between doing something that sounds good and acting with integrity. For example, you might create a situation in which a friend asks you to lie to someone else about where they are instead of saying what they are really doing. Try to write about a situation you or your friends might really face so the choice isn’t easy or obvious. You’ll be sharing your situation with others.
Take about 2-5 minutes to write the situations.
Share the situations created.
Then ASK:
• What makes this choice difficult?
• Why is making the choice to act with integrity a good idea in this situation?
• Which of the situations mentioned today might be the most difficult for you to handle with integrity? Why?
• How can you act with integrity even in the most difficult situations?
• Think of a person you know who demonstrates integrity. What about him or her gives you that impression?
• What are some ways you can try to become more like that person?
Say: Complete honesty, complete integrity, is almost tangible. Whenever you encounter it in people, you know you can trust them. This ability to inspire trust and confidence is often a factor in their success. And honesty isn’t just the best policy, it’s what God wants—and expects—from you. “I know, my God, that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity” (1 Chronicles 29:17). And if you do find yourself on a course of dishonesty, STOP IT AT ONCE. No excuses, no delaying tactics. Right the wrong as fully and as fast as you are able and resolve never to be dishonest again. “Righteousness guards the person of integrity, but wickedness overthrows the sinner” (Proverbs 13:6). Get forgiveness from the person you wronged and from God. Forgive yourself and put it in the past. Pray for the strength to consistently “set an example by doing what is good…show integrity” (Titus 2:7).
Pray: Father, Your Word we have hidden in our hearts that we might not sin against You; because it teaches us to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before You. Even when it brings about hurtful circumstances help us to do the right thing in keeping with Christ’s example. May we not be found lacking in integrity but rather be characterized by our integrity as it honors our Father in heaven. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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