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Ninja Turtles
Get Righteous (Psalm 119:137-144)
Righteous Teammates
Wear your team colors!
Needed: 2 XL T-shirts in the 4 turtle colors (8 total)- blue, purple, red and orange
To begin the night, have youth pick a team (Max 8, no more than 3 of the same grade per team) give each team two XL shirts in their team color. They can make belts by simply cutting strips of fabric. They might also like to tie some on their arms, or make an easy TMNT mask. They can make headbands from the loops the sleeves create.


Leonardo Dual Katana (Two Swords) blue Conscientious

Donatello Bo Staff (Long Stick) purple Wise

Raphael Sai (Trident with a long center rod) red Loyal & Quick Tempered

Michelangelo Nunchakus: (2 sticks chained together) orange Adventurous

Rules & Expectations
• Your cell phone is only good as a paper weight for this lock-in. If you can’t limit its usage turn it in. You don’t have any other friends beside the ones here tonight and your parents are glad to get rid of you. They aren’t calling. Oh yea, don’t use your phone for a light.
• No swearing/profanity – Believe it or not this category includes inappropriate “chocolaty” discussions.
• No “extra curricular” activities permitted. For example, no sucking face with anyone.
• No roughhousing. Yes, this includes keeping someone else’s property from them by force, sneaky-ness or running away from them.
• Do not leave the Church. If the area you are in is not climate controlled you are outside the church.
• No cheating. If you are looking for a way around a rule, you are probably about to cheat and had best not attempt any deviations until you reach saint hood.
• Snacks and drinks are allowed in the Youth Center only. If you “forgot” and accidentally took food or drink with you, try harder. If you just don’t understand, it’s the stuff you put in your mouth when you’re hungry or thirsty.
• Do not open or go around locked doors. If you find yourself climbing through a wall, window, non-door opening or have to do anything to a door that is more than just gently opening it by the knob, you are probably attempting to go around or open a locked door.
• Stay out of the rafters, organ loft. If you have to climb to get where you want to go and then you feel yourself having to balance on a beam high above the floor, chances are you are in the rafters.
• Sleep only in designated sleeping rooms. No hiding, food or drink in designated sleeping rooms.
• Go only where you are asked. No sneaking off to do your own thing. If we are playing a game and you’re just sitting and watching/talking alone with a friend or friends, it better be in the Youth Center.
• Respect the church property. Do not touch the Drums, Piano, any musical instrument, spot light, or electronic equipment in the building. If it looks like it might be fun to play with and you are not in the Youth Center or Gym don’t mess with it.
• Do not start fires, dangle, hang or jump off of anything. Why do I even have to say this… Oh yea! Because someone will do it if I don’t.

Expectations are as follows:
• Participate as you can
• Respect others and Listen
• Clean up after yourself

Team Competition I
Sword, Bo Staff, Nunchucks, Sai
Sword Relay
Scoring: The winning team receives 10 points
Where: Gym
Needed: 4 sword sized pool noodles, Oreos, cone, Score sheet for the night
How to Play: Played like a relay race between the four teams. Each team has a sword and they must balance an Oreo (Looks like a manhole cover) on the edge of the pool noodle sword from the starting point, around a cone (or other object) and then back to the starting point where they hand the sword off to another player. To make this more of a challenge, add more Oreos to the sword.

Bo Staff Relay
Scoring: The winning team receives 10 points
Where: Gym
Needed: 4 pool noodles, 4 turtle color ping pong balls (Have spare, in case they get stepped on)
How to Play: Stay divided into four teams. Each team will need a pool noodle and a ping pong ball in their teams color. One at a time, the teams will tap their ping pong ball around a cone and back using only the “Bo Staff” to move it. The next teammate up sits flat on the floor with his or her legs spread making a “Goal” for the returning Turtle to knock the ping pong ball into. When this is accomplished, the next Turtle begins.

Nunchaku Relay
Scoring: The winning team receives 10 points
Where: Gym
Needed: 8 bowls, 4 bags of marbles, 16 toilet paper tubes, 80” of string, black duct tape, cone
How to Play: Make 2 pair for nunchakus for each team (16 tubes total) from paper towel tubes (paint them black if you want to) and a piece of string 10 inches long. Attach the paper towel tubes together at one end with the string so that there is about 8 inches of string between the tubes.

Stay divided in Turtle teams. Have each team line up in a long line. At one end of the lines set a bowl of marbles, one for each … at the other end of each line place an empty bowl. On “go” the first player in line will take a marble and put it in one of nunchakus and roll it down the middle of the tube and then transfer it to the other part of the same nunchakus tube held by the person next to them. Then that person will do the same but, this time transfer the marble to the next set of nunchakus. While the second set of nunchakus is in use, the first set of nunchakus is passed to the 5th and 6th person in line and so forth. The goal is to get the most marbles transferred to the end bowl. Set a time limit of about 5 minutes. If a marble is dropped during the transfer it cannot be put back into play. They can use their hands to cover one end of the tube.
Sai Challenge
Scoring: The winning team receives 10 points
Where: Gym
Needed: 8 pool noodles, 4 – 6” ring toss rings (Glow necklaces)
How to Play: Play like “egg toss”, have the Youth pick two players to represent their team. Teammates line up about 5’ apart facing each other to start. Each player holds a short pool noodle in one hand. One player from each couple holds a 6” hoop (think “ring toss”). Start with all the rings on one side of the room as players toss, all together, back and forth, trying to catch the ring on the noodles. If a ring is dropped that team is out. Take one or two steps backward and repeat. The winner is the last team making a good catch.

10:30 Send someone to get the pizza now
Needed: Leader sheets for youth leaders (About 8), pens
Anything written in italics is for your information and need not be read aloud.

Get Righteous (Psalm 119:137-144)
SAY: Teens only spend two or three hours at church each week and are bombarded the rest of their waking hours with pollution—spiritual pollution. It’s everywhere—in magazines, on television, the Internet, and in movies. In Psalm 119:9-11, David asked how a young person could stay pure. The answer? To live according to God’s word, seek Him, obey Him, and take His instructions to heart. We can’t avoid everything the world throws at us, but we can learn to be selective and careful about what we allow into our minds and hearts.

• How would you characterize pollution? What words describe pollution -for example, trash, junk, disease, and smog?
Take a few minutes to jot down their responses on the back of this page.

• How do these things make you feel?
• What would happen if no one in your family ever took out the trash?

SAY: Pollution is destroying the earth and wasting valuable resources. People make maintaining a cleanly, healthy environment—both inside buildings and outdoors—a priority. But why doesn’t anyone ever think about spiritual pollution—the kind of junk that builds up inside one’s soul?

• What exactly is soul pollution? And what pollutes the soul?
Get a few answers and opinions before continuing.

The Discussion
SAY: Let’s list four top things that you think can pollute our minds and souls.
1. _____________________________________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________________________________________

4. _____________________________________________________________________________
• Which, of our listed items, have the potential for the most damage? Why?
Point out that some pollutants are subtle and not at all obvious, while others are directly harmful. For example, drug addiction is an obvious hazard, but Netflicks is more subtle—robbing time and showing images that numb people to wrong and right.

Who do you think should decide what is soul pollution for you?
__ Parents
__ Yourself
__ Your school
__ The government
__ Teachers
__ The media
__ Church leaders
__ Friends
__ God
__ Other—

SAY: The answer is simple—the Bible. Parents, church leaders, or friends can have a role in giving direction and wisdom, but God gives clear insight into soul pollution.

Decide if you want to read the following or let someone in your group do it.
READ ALOUD: Psalm 119:137-144
137 LORD, you are righteous, and your rules are right.
138 The laws you commanded are righteous, completely trustworthy.
139 Anger consumes me because my enemies have forgotten what you’ve said.
140 Your word has been tried and tested; your servant loves your word!
141 I’m insignificant and a nobody, but I don’t forget your laws.
142 Your righteousness lasts forever! Your Instruction is true!
143 Stress and strain have caught up with me, but your commandments are my joy!
144 Your laws are righteous forever. Help me understand so I can live your way!

• What does righteous mean in these verses?
True, absolute, real…
• The last sentence asks God for something, what is it?
Ask them what it means to “Live your way”
• Why is it significant that the scripture says, “Your word has been tried and tested”?
If something has been “tried and tested” how willing are you to use that advise?
• How realistic is it for you to apply these verses to your lives today? Why or why not?
Can they do it? What makes it so hard? Or not?

SAY: A friend of yours has just become a Christian. In the past, she has been involved in the four soul-polluting things we listed earlier. Now your friend doesn’t know how to balance being a Christian and hanging out with a certain group of friends, risking spiritual pollution.

• What practical suggestions can you give your friend?
• What would God say about being a Christian in the world today?
• How easy or hard would it be for this friend to adjust to a better life?

SAY: The Bible gives wisdom about how to avoid pollution, but the responsibility is yours. You decide what to watch or not to watch. You decide whether to say yes to drugs or not. But Christians have been given a filter, a guide to help them—the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

Decide if you want to read the following or let someone in your group do it.
READ ALOUD: Psalm 119:9-11
9 How can a young person stay on the path of purity?
By living according to your word.
10 I seek you with all my heart;
do not let me stray from your commands.
11 I have hidden your word in my heart
that I might not sin against you.

• How much time do most young Christians spend doing what Psalm 119:9-11 says about avoiding soul pollution?

None       A wee bit       Maybe a fourth       Half Most of it

SAY: The Christian life is one of growth. Nobody is perfect in resisting soul pollution! No matter how you rated yourself, what you should do now is try to move up at least one step on the scale.

• What are some real ways for you to move up a step on the scale?
How will you avoid soul pollution? Could you be a better person by avoiding soul pollution?

The close
SAY: Not everything in the world is off-limits or can be avoided—the key is for you to learn discernment – good decision making and how to live righteously. It’s your responsibility to choose appropriate movies, to turn off the TV, flip radio stations, clean the songs you listen to, or log off the Internet sites. It’s a fine line—you are surrounded by sexual images, violence, and vulgar language. In Proverbs 4:23 it says, “Above all things, guard your heart”. Don’t be fooled into a false relationship with the things that affect your soul.

Dear Lord, Leader of all, be with each of us tonight. Grant us Your peace, harmony, and wisdom to righteously decide for ourselves. Gift us with compassion to better understand our peers and to love and assist each other, as we grow in trust towards righteous living. Grant that we become more open-minded to seeing the value of Your Word, working together in unity, selflessly dedicated to one other and to You. Amen.

Free Time
Gym, Youth Center Only

Turtle Food
Num, Num! – Life Tree Café
(Hide turtle eggs now)
Order out for the pizza – SAVE THE BOXES!!!!!

Green sewer water – Green Kool-aid, sports drinks or make a foamy punch with ginger ale and ice cream.
Jello Jigglers slime squares – look for green Jell-o desserts in the deli at supermarkets
Oreos – look like sewer manhole covers
Chocolate Nunchucks -These are easy to make using chocolate cake rolls and red licorice.

Coordinate the food with the colors of the different Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles.
• Leonardo wears blue. Organize the blue section of the table with only blue foods: blueberries, blue corn chips, blue M&M’s, blue wrapped Hersey kisses.
• Donatello wears purple. Organize the purple section of the table with only purple foods: purple grapes, purple lollipops, blue raspberry stuff, grape jelly n tortilla roll ups
• Rafael wears red. Organize this section of the table with red foods: apples, strawberries, licorice.
• Michelangelo wears orange. Organize this section of the table with orange foods: small oranges, orange slice candy, orange juice, carrot sticks.
Use water bottles decorated with a label that says, “Sewer Water.”
Use Green Gaiter Aid and other green drinks – Mt Dew, Sprite, green tea

Team Competition II
Turtle Eggs, Pizza Box challenge, Bodyguard
Turtle Eggs
Scoring: The winning team receives 10 points
Where: Full Church
Needed: Green Easter Eggs (turtle eggs!)
How to Play: While youth are eating Turtle Food, hide the eggs around the church. When they are done have the Teams compete to find the most.

Pizza Box Relay
Scoring: The winning team receives 10 points
Where: Gym
Needed: Empty pizza boxes from earlier
How to Play: Teams compete against each other by racing, one team member at a time, from the starting point around a designated cone and back to the starting point, while holding a pizza box above their head with one hand. First team who has all their team members complete the course wins!

Depending on time, consider adding more rounds with these variations:

• Instead of carrying the pizza box above their head with one hand they have to balance the box on their head.
• Carry the pizza box with both hands while balancing a marble on top of the box. If the marble falls off they have to go back to the start and begin again.
• Have players do Ninja moves at the turnaround point such as: Karate kicks or ground rolls.

Scoring: Play for fun
Where: Gym
Needed: Soft Nerf ball
How to Play: Have the youth stand in a wide circle with two people in the middle. Use chairs to hold/mark the perimeter so they don’t ooch in.

One person in the middle is the Public, the other is the Ninja Turtle assigned to protect him or her. The people around the circle have the Nerf ball, and throw it at the Public. The Ninja bodyguard may do anything to block the ball with his body: jump, squat, dive, etc. Arms legs, hands and feet are allowed, but no catching or striking the ball by the Ninja. The ball may NEVER touch the Public. If the ball touches the Public at any time, the person who threw the ball (or the last person to touch it) then becomes the Ninja Bodyguard, the Bodyguard becomes the Public, and the Public goes back into the circle.

What makes this exciting is that from the moment the Public is hit, the new Public is vulnerable because the transition is instantaneous. The new Ninja bodyguard must be fast at getting into the circle to defend him or her. This sometimes makes turnover pretty quick, but it’s exciting.

One strategy for the “shooters” is to pass the ball around the circle and keep it moving to wear the people in the middle down. They’ll eventually tire and the Public will get hit.

Free Time
Gym, Youth Center Only

Large Group Games
Underground Church, Slender, Grog, Shredder
Underground Church
Needed: pool noodles, note paper or white board to make a list of who is next in line to be the church, a cape like blanket
The players are: Christians, Church, Emperor, and Guards.
All gather in one spot to begin the game. The Church is picked (two people) and is given a set amount of time to go and hide. The Guards will become the Church for the next round. No other light sources from anyone are allowed (No electronic device glowing light).

The Guards, (2 people) must carry visible pool noodles at all times. The Guards primary job is to catch Christians. If a Guard tags a Christian with a pool noodle, the Guards take him or her and tosses them into “Jail”. The Youth Center is the Jail; keep only 3 captives at a time. When the 4th is caught and brought to jail the 1st gets out. If a Guard happens to stumble on the Church or guards the Church the round is over and the Christians win. If the Guards catch ½ of the total number of Christian players, the Guards win. Multiple catches still count toward the goal of catches.

The Emperor is randomly chosen each round. The Emperor’s only job is to find the church ending the game. Emperor wins. The Emperor wears a cape made from a blanket at all times and can be tagged by a group of 2 or more Christians. Only 2 Christians need take the Emperor to Jail. (Jail rotation works the same with the Emperor, he or she is just one of the captives.)

The Christians try to secretly find the Church keeping its location hidden from the Emperor. Once the Christians find the Church, they need to inform and gather at least 1/3 of the Christians (Think Flash Mob – all of a sudden they’re there) at the Church while evading the Guards and the Emperor. If they are successful, the round is over, the Church has survived, and the Christians win!

Needed: A flashlight that can be taken apart into 4 pieces, about 30 Fusion Bucks
One person usually the Youth Director is the Game Captain (GC) and is in charge of overseeing the game. The GC takes the flashlight apart into 4 pieces – the barrel, the batteries, and the lens – and hides these pieces throughout the play area. Since the environment is somewhat dark, hide them in places that are not too hard to find. Once that is done, the GC goes back to the group and selects the GROG.

The GROG is a creature of the dark, and goes into the dim play area to hide. The GROG’s goal is to tag the other players, (like freeze tag) rendering them inactive and collect their Fusion Buck. There is no base. GROG wins if it freezes all of the players, collects 75% of all possible Fusion Bucks or if GROG can touch the player holding the reassembled flashlight before the light is shined on GROG.

Each player receives one Fusion Buck. If a player is tagged by GROG they are frozen, sit right where they were tagged and turn over their Fusion Buck to GROG. Since they are FROZEN, they can’t even speak/call out. They can become active players again if someone touches them with either battery from the flashlight that is part of the game. Anyone holding one of those batteries is only frozen for 30 seconds if they are tagged by the GROG. The official batteries can be passed from person to person keeping GROG from “Targeting” battery holders.

The players’ objective is to find the flashlight and assemble it. Only the light of the flashlight will put an end to the GROG’s existence. Once the players find the pieces of the flashlight and get it working, they go on a GROG hunt. Shining the light on the GROG within 10 feet ends the game and Grog looses.

Needed: Slender notes, Life cards (about 300)
SAY: You’ll compete to stay alive in this nightmare based game. Everyone starts with 10 life cards and then roams the church to find notes left by Slender. This is a timed game. Slender will leave notes in obvious places dimly lit and then stalk/wait to catch youth as they try to get notes. If “Slender” pops out at you, you and anyone near loses one life and any note they were picking up (If it’s not around a note, it’s just a life). You may not run when “Slender” steps out of the shadows while catching you, you have to surrender a life.

How it’s scored: Win the game by having the most notes from slender and losing the least amount of lives. Lives count for 5 point, notes count for 20 points.

Needed: ½ pool noodle Ninja weapon, and a blank business cards for each player (about 30)
Each player is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Their enemy, Shredder is everyone else. Basically, everyone plays two roles at the same time. All Turtles are assigned one specific target at a time. Turtles may only “get” the person who is currently their target. If they succeed, they then inherit the current target of the “Shredder” they just got.

To assign targets, everyone writes their name on a business card sized cardstock. All cards are then given to the Game Maker. The game maker secretly passes out targets to all the Turtles before they venture into the playing field. When a captured “Shredder” is brought back to the Youth Center, the Turtle must present the target card in order for it to count.

To “get” a target, Turtles use only their foam Ninja weapon with a tap anywhere Appropriate! and not the head. All attacks should be “Ninja Style” with no more than a 10 second pursuit. If you successfully block, dodge or otherwise escape an attack for 10 seconds, further attacks may only resume after a 1 minute grace period. Turtles walk their captured target back to the Youth Center and verify their captive target with the “Game Maker” (Youth Dude). Upon target confirmation a new target is assigned by advancing a target card to the victor and a new pursuit begins.

Turtles may form temporary alliances, but remember that there is only one Ninja Master. Captured “Shredders” can turn into “Mutant Gators” and at the Game Makers whim, can be sent into the playing field to “get” any Turtle they can. Gators may only get one Turtle per outing. Once a Gator gets any one Turtle, they both return to the Youth Center and are detained. The game ends when only one person is left, or when the Game Maker ends it. May the Turtles be ever in your favor!

Movie Time
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Of Course!)
OR Free time in the Gym only.

Go Home

Ninja Turtles Shopping List
2 XL T-shirts in the 4 turtle colors (8 total)- blue, purple, red and orange
30 sword sized pool noodles
Big Soup pot – (Punch bowl)
4 cones
4 turtle color ping pong balls (Have spare, in case they get stepped on)
8 bowls
4 bags of marbles
16 toilet paper tubes
80” of string
Black duct tape
4 – 6” ring toss rings – Glow necklaces
Green Easter eggs – gather and sort
Empty pizza boxes
Soft Nerf ball
Flash light with at least 4 take apart parts – Make sure it works
Ninja Turtles movie

8 Pizzas – 6 pep 2 chz
2- 2 liters ginger ale
Big jug of green punch
1 gal vanilla ice cream
Tub of Jell-o dessert in the deli at supermarket
Oreos – 3 packs
Chocolate cake rolls and red string licorice – Make into nunchakus
Green food coloring – For Water Jug (Make “Sewer Water” Label)
Green drinks – Green Gaiter Aid, Mt Dew, Sprite, green tea – Put in fridge
Leonardo Blue Snacks
Donatello Purple snacks
Rafael Red snacks
Michelangelo orange snacks

Turtle Teams Score Sheet (1)
Team Signup sheets (4)
Leader sheets (8)
Schedules (4)
Sponsor Sheets (6)
Slender Notes (13)
Fusion Bucks/Lives (300)
Blank business cards – Targets (40)