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Here’s How We Do It!

Interactively pursue youth ministries through fellowship, outreach, and missions.

We are committed to provide diverse opportunities to grow in the word of our Lord creating a foundation that will guide our youth when they face the complex choices of their lives.

Key Objective: Challenging today’s generation
Key Plan: By speaking often to young people in various settings, we intend to help our youth keep the bar of commitment high and the well of motivation deep.
Key Target: Youth ages 12-18
Key Outcomes: We’ll know we’re successful in challenging today’s generation when we consistently see growth of faith, compassion, commitment and involvement in the young people we are trying to reach.

Fusion is the name of our UMYF group.

Fusion United Methodist Youth Fellowship is all about allowing CHRIST to FUSE us into one united group of young people who passionately work together.
Rom 1:12, When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.

“Fusion” meets on Wednesday nights and is different things for different kids. It is a variety of activities: music, Bible, service, crafts, games, food, etc. Our core is UMYF and Sunday School.

The Fusion theme makes it possible for youth to grow in the Christian faith at their own speed.

We concentrate on spiritual fellowship Wednesday nights. The simplest way to explain the group is to say we teach in different styles, allowing the youth to grow by keeping their interest. The younger youth events and lessons are active, and the older youth’s are more discussion based.

During the school year, youth are encouraged to eat at Breaking Bread (Our all church, Wednesday night dinner) as early as 5:00. Fusion UMYF follows with lessons based on the previous Sunday’s “Rags and Brags” discussions. A core of three additional adult sponsors help lead the group, we invite youth parents (active AND in-active) to rotate in with this core group. By involving all of our parents everyone has a better idea of just what happens in the Youth Program.   Schedule

When summer comes, our format changes; Wednesdays become the Summer Events Explosion. This makes it really easy for our youth to invite others to come and S.E.E. what Christian fellowship is all about.   Schedule