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Turkey Insurance
Turkey Insurance Policy
Product Purpose: Help monetarily support the Youth Ministry for the Angel Tree at Haysville UMC

Product Directive: The youth are selling “Turkey Insurance” and Crafts as a fundraising project for the Angel Tree mission. All proceeds will go to purchase gifts for those in need this holiday season.

Product Description: Turkey insurance protects you from an overabundance of sleep causing tryptophan and carbohydrates! If you find you have too much turkey (or sweets!!!) still lingering around in your house, simply bring your leftovers to the Youth Center between the hours of 9:00a & 11:00a the first Sunday after Thanksgiving and we’ll “dispose” of it using whatever means seems appropriate.

Unfortunately, we can’t do much to remedy major disasters like a full bowl of leftover brussel sprouts, burned green bean casserole or unruly turkey in-laws. This list of exclusions is not meant to be all inclusive, just don’t bring us gross stuff.

Haysville United Methodist Church
Turkey Policy Declarations

Named Insured Your Agent
HUMC Bearer Fusion Youth

Policy Number Policy Period
1-777-11-26-2015 29, November 2015, 9:00a – 11:00a

Meals Covered Meal ID Number Lien Holder
Thanksgiving Lunch 42334 11oo-14oo Honeysuckle
Thanksgiving Dinner 42334 17oo-19oo Tyson

Coverages Limit of Liability

A. Liability
One large disposable
container each meal
B Medical
No Cash Value, however, we suggest Tums each person
C. Damage
To you pant size!
Restraint suggested each meal
D. Towing
Oh My Gosh!
Total Premium
$5 per family policy and $10 per extended family policy