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The Ways Youth Ministries Communicates

If all of the below fail, call (316) 524-4162, text (316-648-3870) or email Kris at youth@haysvilleumc.org

Sometimes I’ll be able to help you and as always reserve the right to change plans and beat complainers with a wet noodle.

1. Messenger Articles  
2. Youth-2-O a News Letter for Parents
3. Posters   
4. Robo Calls 
5. Announcements in Church
6. Announcements at UMYF  
7. Texts and Social Media   
8. Parent Meetings      
9. Youth Council (Everyone’s invited)
10. Announcements on Social Media
11. The Church Online Calendar
12. Web Site Posts
13. Email 
14. Your youth with a puzzled look on his or her face like they just signed up for something and don’t remember what it was.
2-3 weeks before events
Could change weekly 
2-3 weeks before events    
2-3 weeks before events  
A few days before events  
At least twice a Year
2-3 weeks before events
Whenever you look
Weekly reminders 
When requested 
All Youth
Everyone in Church
Everyone on the Youth list
Everyone in Church
Everyone @ UMYF
Everyone Active (Attended at least 1 thing in the last 12mo.
Attending Parents
Sunday Morning Live Attendees
Everyone connected on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
Everyone with a Computer
Everyone with a Computer
Anyone providing their email to the Youth Dude!
Attending Youth