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Our Vision: To Love God, Grow in God, and Serve God “We are the people of God Sharing the love of God”
Our Mission: To be an open community of Christians gathering to seek, celebrate, live and share the love of God for all creation.
Our Objectives:
• Reach a greater numbers of young people
• Help people grow in their faith
• Develop more of an outreach and missions emphasis
• Involve a greater numbers of people in service and church leadership
• Improve our resources
This is

At Haysville United Methodist Church, we are a church of Joy, Purpose, Meaning and Connection, a community of faith in support of each other as we welcome ALL people of all ages and all backgrounds. Here, we WORSHIP IN THE WAYS THAT ARE UNIQUE TO YOUR NEEDS as one in Christ, reaching out to others in God’s name.

HUMC, along with the entire United Methodist Church, invites everyone to Rethink Church. This new approach to thinking about church in our lives challenges us to think of “church” not as a noun, but as a verb.

What if church isn’t just a place we go, but something we do? We open our doors and extend an invitation to come to HUMC to learn about the ways that you can “do church” every day of your life . . . because we believe that what you do when you walk out of our doors is more important than how many times you walk in them.