Mission Road Trip is an incredible experience that opens eyes, softens hearts, empowers service and changes lives. There is a calling on those who follow Jesus to leave their places of comfort and familiarity and share His love in ways that stretch us and impact others. God knows something of the power of a stranger showing up on the doorstep of someone in need (Jesus even told a parable about the unexpected stranger showing up to help). We should all be helping our next door neighbor, but something amazing happens when we go out of our way . . . physically, emotionally and spiritually . . . to accept the challenges a mission trip presents.


Simply put, it builds community. Teenagers ride together, play together, eat together, stay up late together, get up tired together… “Together” is a powerful word. Think of “together” as glue – the more broadly it’s spread, the better the youth group bonds. This FUSION mission is designed to appeal our young Christian’s sense of adventure, their desire to serve, their relationship with God, their daily experiences, their broken comfort zones and much more.
• Often “issues” in the lives of teen’s surface during a mission trip…when they are away from the distractions of home. Since youth leaders and adult leaders have more access and time to spend with kids, this is an ideal time to guide, nurture, and challenge young people.
• Teens exercise life skills: responsibility and accountability to the team, good citizenship, compassion, tolerance, friendliness, acceptance, self-control, determination, endurance, and dependability.
• Many times, teens experience a new hunger for God. Their attendance and involvement in church increases. And often, fringe kids increase their involvement in the youth group.
A Typical Mission Road Trip Each year is different. See pictures below
3rd Week in June